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WalesDev is a Web Design and Development company in South Wales. We help clients to improve their online presence, boost sales and engagements with beautiful web design and easy to use websites.

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We can design and build your Awesome Website or Amazing App quickly and to the highest professional standards.
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Transform your business with a fast, beautiful website that stands out from the crowd!
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Our prices are transparent and available before you place an order.

Our Services – How we can help boost your business

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WordPress Interactive Website

WordPress is the most popular content management system (CMS) in the world. We can set up, host and customize a theme to build you a professional, reliable and secure site.

Best for a interactive features, widely supported and content you can easily manage and update quickly.

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Static HTML Website

Static html sites provide the best speed and security. If REACT is used then the user experience of browsing your site is smooth and responsive. Static HTML sites are no longer static, thanks to headless CMS, which allows you to change your site content through an admin interface, then bots rebuild all of the html pages.

Best for larger sites, speed, security.

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Web Application

Web applications help businesses to enable users to view, update and edit information held safely in databases. Critical business data is protected from user error. Staff or customers who have access have a better experience of using the data ass it is presented in a web browser with a user focused design.

Web applications differ from websites mainly as they require a user to sign-in/authenticate in order to access information. Web Apps are usually split into front and backends. We are able to develop both for businesses utilising best practices and the latest .net core technology. We can deliver apps which use existing authentication (single sign-on) and existing databases, or build everything from the ground up.

Best for customer panels, managing business data in a secure easy to use system.

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What makes the best website or app?

  • Easy, and intuitive for users
  • Blazing Fast, latest technology
  • Easy to Update
  • Publishing Control
  • Secure

Jake Jenkins Trading as WalesDev a UX designer and web developer in South Wales.