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CWSA Patient Portal

HTML, CSS, Razor Pages, .net core


Doctors and nurses working on the front line in busy NHS organisations need access to lots of data which is held on multiple dedicated systems. The Patient Portal provides a modern web app experience bringing all of this information together in a single, easy to use application.

The application allows staff to search for a patient and view demographics, notes, xrays and results from multiple source systems.

Bespoke View Components


A bespoke timeline was built as a .net Core View Component to show a date order view of pathology results.

The View component takes in the patient identifier and consumes an api to display all blood results in date order.

Big List

Big list was inspired to help staff easily switch and filter long lists of caseloads and wards. Big List was utilised in a number of places within the app.

Patient Banner

Patient Banner brings all the information to your finger tips. A Simple, elegant banner across the screen with the essential information about a patient. Click the banner to see more detailed information.

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